REBT Resource Centre [India]

This REBT Resource Centre [India] is the first of its kind endeavour to bring psychology close to as many students as possible both at the under graduate and post graduate levels for an exclusive access to REBT material including original books of Dr. Albert Ellis. People falling in this eligibility criterion are welcome to join as members of this Resource facility for educational purposes through registration.

In her practice of psychotherapy, Rajita Ramachandram found that there are few competent psychotherapists in India, specifically in Mumbai, from her own experience, who practice REBT in efficient ways and are willing to teach genuine learners. Furthermore, not everyone can afford to visit the Albert Ellis Institute in the United States for professional training in this form of psychotherapy. Many again perhaps cannot afford to buy his books by shipping them from the United States. Not suggesting whatsoever that this educational venture is a substitution for such training, however this reality makes the current system of professional training in India sufferable and in an effort to help professional education grow, Rajita Ramachandram has started this venture of opening a Resource Centre in India for REBT material from her own personal collection.

The catalogue of books at this facility Centre has a wide range of topics and anyone seeking professional training can benefit from Dr. Albert Ellis' contribution to psychology. The minimum qualification for eligibility for membership to this REBT Resource Centre [India] is under-graduation in psychology. Admission is taken on show of educational proof and college ID card if applicable, on prior appointment only. This Resource Centre is open for access only on Mondays between 2:00 to 3:00 pm IST. This reading service is made available for all students and/or professionals of psychology only.

Discussion Groups for Psychology Students

This facility allows students of psychology to register for talks and lectures held in the Counseling Centre on different topics related to psychology with the main focus being to gain an in-depth understanding of Dr. Ellis' views as well as of other cognitive psychologists. A panel of competent REBT therapists may also be invited for these discussions. Students wanting to attend may register themselves by calling and making the appropriate payment. Students are also free to request topics for discussion by emailing them and will be given entry only on show of adequate proof as mentioned above. An upcoming topic of discussion is on:

'Love and Approval Seeking in Relationships' from an REBT perspective [2 hour talk & discussion]

Professional Development Programmes [ProDP]

Applications of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy [REBT] - Basic level [5 sessions of 4 hours each]

Theory and Assumptions of REBT
Nature of Psychological Disturbance
Rational and Irrational Beliefs
An Understanding of Emotions
Therapeutic Goals in REBT
Steps in REBT Counseling
Disputation Techniques

Applications of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy [REBT] - Advanced level [5 sessions of 4 hours each]
Application to Addiction
Application to Depression
Application to Anxiety
Application to Anger
Application to Relationship Issues
Application to Self Esteem Issues
Application to Old Age Issues
Application to Individuals, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy and REBT on Hypnosis

A professional programme is announced for all students of psychology, the minimum eligibility for both levels being a Bachelor's in psychology. However a pay-admit to the advanced level will only be permitted on the completion of the basic level. Entry will be permitted on show of adequate proof and payment.

The basic and advanced level programmes on 'Applications of REBT' aim at helping a professional understand the theory and application of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and is a pure educational initiative. It does not claim to train professionals to become "REBTists" in any way, since such training will require accreditation and supervision examination clearance from the Ellis Institute, New York. Infact, any psychological body that claims to teach you to be an "REBT therapist" without having cleared such examinations might be doing harm to you. So beware!

Professional Developmental Workshops [ProDW]:

These programmes are being launched for students of psychology & helping professionals aiming to work through a therapeutic basis by understanding intervention strategies on the issues that will be addressed in these workshops.

Love, Marriage and Relationships - Basic [2 sessions of 4 hours each]

Learning to handle love relationships and intimacy issues can create disturbances. This professional workshop attempts to find out effective ways of handling heating issues and sorting out confusions and dilemmas in your relationship.

Sex Attitudes - that make and break - Advanced [2 sessions of 4 hours each]

Gaining an in-depth understanding about attitudes that become barriers to healthy and satisfactory sexual life, another step into a relationship. Enlist yourself for this professional workshop in an attempt to sort out confusions about sex.

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